Types: Case Studies

John 3:16 Mission

The Challenge Before switching to Virtuous, John 3:16 Mission was limited in how responsive they could be to their donors, and how efficient they could be in their processes. Their

Fleece & Thank You

The Fleece & Thank You Story In early 2015, Nicholas Kristock moved 10,000 miles away to Australia to pursue a career in soccer. While living there, he began to use

A Kid’s Place Tampa Bay

A Kid’s Place Tampa Bay scales their personalized marketing efforts by 30% to build stronger donor relationships.

Providence Network

How Providence Network has achieved ambitious fundraising goals and creates stronger donor retention

Western Dominican Province

How the Western Dominican Province has reduced staff time by hours each week and increased contributions using Virtuous.

Denton Freedom House

How Denton Freedom House has clearer data visibility and directly develops stronger donor relationships at scale.

Saving Moses

How Saving Moses uses Virtuous and Marketing Support Network to gain insights into donor data and scale their operations