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CRM for Nonprofits: What Should You Look For

CRM for Nonprofits: What Should You Look For?

Discover the crucial features and considerations for selecting the right CRM for nonprofits to enhance donor engagement and fundraising.

The Evolving Landscape Of Community Giving with Jeff Conn of NPact

How can the growth of donor-advised funds enhance community giving, creating more personal donor experiences and highlighting their impact?

How your CRM plays a role in the health of your data

4 Ways a Responsive Nonprofit CRM Improves Data Health

Explore how a Responsive Nonprofit CRM can solve data challenges and boost donor relations effectively.

6 KPIs for Nonprofits to Track in Their Next Campaign

6 KPIs for Nonprofits to Track in Their Next Campaign

Explore essential KPIs for nonprofits and how they drive fundraising success. Learn to harness data for impactful, responsive strategies.

The Role of Data Hygiene in Nonprofit Reporting

Empowering Nonprofits: The Data Hygiene Way

Learn how implementing data hygiene practices can revolutionize your nonprofit's fundraising and marketing efforts, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Lapsed Donors How to Reconnect and Empower Your Mission

How to Reactivate and Energize Lapsed Donors

Explore innovative ways to re-engage lapsed donors and boost your nonprofit's effectiveness. Dive into responsive fundraising solutions now.

How to Grow Monthly Giving with Responsive Fundraising

How to Grow Monthly Giving with Responsive Fundraising

Discover the transformative power of monthly giving in nonprofit success. Learn strategies to maximize impact and sustain your mission.

A Holistic Approach To Digital Donor Relations

Discover the marketing automation “always on” framework that can transform your digital donor relations all year long.

4 Fundraising Strategies to Grow Individual Giving

4 Fundraising Strategies to Grow Individual Giving

Individual giving makes up 64% of overall contributions in the US. Learn how to engage these donors by transitioning to more responsive fundraising strategies.

How to Prevent Donor Churn Six Tips for Talking to Donors

How to Prevent Donor Churn: 6 Tips for Talking to Donors

Donor churn is a growing issue for many nonprofits. Learn 6 practical tips you can take to prevent donor churn and grow generosity.

AI for Nonprofits - Revolutionize Your Major Gifts Strategy

AI for Nonprofits: Enhance Your Major Gifts Strategy

Ready to cut through the buzz and clutter? AI is helping nonprofits of all sizes sharpen their major gifts strategy. Learn more with this crash course.

Moves Management

Responsive Moves Management: The Ultimate Guide

Explore the comprehensive guide to responsive moves management for impactful donor engagement and relationship building.

Grow generosity with Virtuous.

Virtuous is the responsive fundraising software platform proven to help nonprofit organizations increase generosity by serving all donors personally, no matter their gift size.

“Virtuous truly understands nonprofits and the importance of our mission. And their open access to data and built-in custom reports gave us access to the data we need.”
Todd Shinabarger
Chief Information Officer