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The Power of Donor Stories

Stories play an incredible role throughout our lives. We use storytelling to preserve our history, teach us right and wrong, help us explain complex topics, and inspire action. In fundraising,...

5 ways donor management is vital to peer-to-peer efforts

Managing donor data is essential to successful peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofit organizations. With a clear plan and access to the right donor management software, you can easily identify and nurture...

Why Nonprofit Software Is Essential for Your Fundraising

While we like to bemoan frozen screens and 10-second load times, software solutions have saved all of us valuable hours and hard-earned dollars. But with the plethora of options out...

Virtuous Nonprofit CRM Inc's Best Workplaces 2023

Inc. Names Virtuous One of America’s Best Workplaces

Virtuous, the fastest growing nonprofit CRM and category-leading responsive fundraising platform, has been named to Inc.’s list of America’s Best Workplaces—a select list recognizing exceptional workplaces and company cultures, whether...

Developing a Donor Recognition Policy

You may be familiar with the various documents required to launch a program. These documents include the Case for Support, a Gift Acceptance Policy, and a Donor Recognition Policy. But...

5 Tips for Unlocking Larger Donations From Your Major Donors

Major donors play a critical role in fundraising – making it essential for nonprofits to understand how to effectively engage with them. In this blog, we will explore five key...

Woman raising paddle at an auction

6 Hybrid Auction Best Practices for Better Auctions

Nonprofit hybrid auctions can be a great fundraising tool. You’ve collected great auction items, found a way to live stream the event to virtual guests, and have a top-notch bidding...

7 Ways to Fix User Adoption for Nonprofits

User adoption for nonprofits is a constant challenge. Technology is an incredible tool, but it only works well if your users actually use it. So the question remains, what can...

How to Increase Major Gifts Through Stock Gifts

Unlock the potential of stock gifts for nonprofits! Learn the benefits, practical steps, and boost your fundraising strategy with this guide!

5 Reasons Segmentation Doubles Campaign Revenue

Professional success in the modern marketplace requires delivering tailored messaging to audiences of all sizes and segments. To date, brands like Netflix and Spotify have set a high bar for...

Jumpstarts Your Online Fundraising Ideas

The internet has thousands of articles listing “online fundraising campaigns,” and every one of those campaign ideas is obsolete. They’re as fresh today as an article on “how to use...

The power of ethical nonprofit storytelling

“The single story creates stereotypes. And the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue — but that they are incomplete. They make one story the only story.” Chimamanda...

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Todd Shinabarger​
Chief Information Officer