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Discover the Core Practices of Innovation in 'The Responsive Nonprofit'

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Actionable tips and insights for personalizing
donor engagement with responsive fundraising.

11 Things to Do After a Conference

You made it through the conference! Time to unpack, relax, and play with all your new swag, but it’s also time to continue to make the most of your conference...


10 Tips for Attending Conferences

You’re attending a conference! You’re all registered and excited for a day full of learning, networking, and of course…great swag. If you’re a regular conference attendee, than I’m sure you...

It's Time We Had the Talk About Data Hygiene

Have you heard? Data science is sexy. No, really! Harvard Business Review called Data Science “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Now, when thinking about data scientists, most people...

4 Metrics Nonprofits Must Track (But Probably Aren't)

Unveil four crucial but often overlooked metrics to track in your nonprofit for enhanced strategy and impact.


How Asking Questions Ignites Data-Driven Decisions

Embrace data analysis in nonprofit strategy to ask the right questions and overcome operational worries with informed decision-making.


Five Ways Your Nonprofit CRM Is Costing You Money

Discover five ways your nonprofit CRM might be incurring excessive costs and learn strategies to optimize your CRM investment for better results.

Do you want better relationships with your givers?

“It’s sad how quickly people can forget about you until they want something from you.” Does this quote make you cringe when you consider what your donors might think about their relationship...

So You Want to be Data-Driven

Every industry has its own share of hot buzzwords, and the nonprofit sector is no different. Lately, everywhere you look, you see articles, blog posts, tweets, and smoke signals about...


Monthly Giving Programs: Good for You & Your Givers

Tithing. Allowance. Netflix. All examples of regular payments we make that are often done on a monthly basis. We give to churches, our children and pay bills monthly so it...

Grow generosity with Virtuous.

Virtuous is the responsive fundraising software platform proven to help nonprofit organizations increase generosity by serving all donors personally, no matter their gift size.

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Todd Shinabarger​
Chief Information Officer