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Erika Moczulewski
Responsive Fundraising

How To Involve Your Board In Year-End Fundraising

How do you engage your board at year-end? Your board members can be important partners in your year-end fundraising campaign. But how do you inspire them to participate? What’s the

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Responsive Fundraising

Declutter Your Data

Do you have messy data? When you’re a busy nonprofit, keeping up with delivering programs and communicating with donors, staying on top of your data often comes last on your

Responsive Fundraising

Boost Year-End Fundraising with Texting

Are you planning to text your donors at year-end? Texting can be a very effective communication channel, with great open rates and engagement. But how do you get the most

Responsive Fundraising

3 Things for Nonprofits to Focus on Now

As hosts of the We Are For Good podcast, Jon McCoy and Becky Endicott have spoken with hundreds in the sector. We sat down with them to get their takes.

Responsive Fundraising

Is Crypto the Key to Your Next Generation of Donors?

Does your nonprofit accept crypto donations? If you’re mystified by crypto donations, you’re certainly not alone. This week on The Responsive Weekly, Dawn Galasso of Pursuant/Giving DNA, joined us to

Responsive Fundraising

Data Entry is Not Data Management

How do you approach your nonprofit data? Data is a necessary part of responsive fundraising. In order to listen to, connect with, and make relevant suggestions to your supporters, you

Responsive Fundraising

Make a Donor Journey Map

Making a donor journey map can help you visualize the path you want supporters to take toward their next act of generosity. It can help you unify your team as

Live Donation Page Critiques
Responsive Fundraising

Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page

Is your donation page costing you donors? For many nonprofits, the answer is “yes,” whether they know it or not. Many people who land on your donation page don’t complete

The Responsive Weekly Community-Led Donor Growth
Responsive Fundraising

Community-Led Donor Growth

Community is a powerful donor retention tool “I came for the event, but I stayed for the community.” Do you wish this is something your donors would say? (If it