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Developing a Donor Recognition Policy

You may be familiar with the various documents required to launch a program. These documents include the Case for Support, a Gift Acceptance Policy, and a Donor Recognition Policy. But

Jumpstarts Your Online Fundraising Ideas

The internet has thousands of articles listing “online fundraising campaigns,” and every one of those campaign ideas is obsolete. They’re as fresh today as an article on “how to use

Declutter your nonprofit CRM data.

How to clean up your CRM data

Is your Nonprofit CRM full of messy donor data? If you work at a busy nonprofit, your days are stacked just trying to keep up with delivering programs and communicating

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Why America Gives Report

Thriving nonprofits that see donors that are activated, impassioned, and determined to give back. We learned this and more in on why America gives in the latest episode for the Responsive