Nonprofit CRM for Ministries

Empower Your Ministry With A Powerful, Intuitive Fundraising Platform

Increase Donor Retention & Build Lasting Relationships

Make it easier to create meaningful connections with your donors. Denton Freedom House uses Virtuous to better understand their supporters and ensure that no donor slips through the gaps. This allows their smaller team to be more efficient while creating better donor experiences.

Virtuous Software for Ministries - Denton Freedom House
Chad Eskew​, Denton Freedom House

“I’m always seeing every gift that comes... and if it’s a brand new donor that I don’t recognize, I can call them. I can make a note and say, ‘Hey, I talked to this person.’ That’s awesome!”

Chad Eskew

Director of Growth and Development

Virtuous Software for Ministries - Made to Flourish

Increased Personalized Outreach With Automated Donor Journeys

Increase donor engagement with segmented, personalized donor journeys that run automatically in Virtuous. With Virtuous, the Made to Flourish team has run more campaigns, built more touch points, and increased engagement with their supporters. With 50 city network leaders, Made to Flourish is thrilled to have a tool that provides the appropriate level of access along with the segmentation and automation tools needed to empower their team to grow engagement that helps further their mission.

Paige Wiley - Development Coordinator

“I can create a message that’s for pastors, one for pastors who have donated, non-pastors, and non-pastors who have donated. There’s four buckets now where what we’re saying to them is really unique to each situation. It’s been a great relational aid and really an engine behind our annual campaign. Our annual campaign has at least doubled in the last two years.”

Paige Wiley

Development Coordinator

Give Your Entire Team Access to Meaningful Data

Ensure every member of your team has access to the data they need with Virtuous. Catholic Extension switched to Virtuous because their old system was clunky, outdated, and finding data was a real chore. Now with Virtuous, the Catholic Extension team knows exactly how their campaigns are performing and their gift officers throughout the country can easily manage their pipelines.

Virtuous Software for Ministries - Catholic Extension

“More people can do more in Virtuous than our previous software. More people run their own queries and pull their own portfolios. Before, major gift officers would ask me to pull their portfolios for them, so having them be able to do that themselves is a huge advantage.”

Madeleine Marchaterre

Senior Manager of Development

How Virtuous Serves Ministries

Empower Missionaries and Fundraisers

Use Virtuous’ Projects and customizable User Permission levels to empower your missionaries to manage their supporters.

Child Sponsorship and Project Funding

Make it easy for your donors for specific projects or sponsor children with Virtuous’ Projects. Then use automated donor journeys to close the loop on each donor’s impact.

Cloud-Based Tool for Easy Access

Wherever your mission takes your team, ensure they can access the data they need with Virtuous’ cloud-based fundraising platform.

Integrate with Volunteer Management

Create a culture of generosity with integrated volunteer management that makes it easy for your supporters to register to volunteer and allows you to have a holistic picture of how people are engaging with your mission.

Even the best tools are useless if you don’t know how to use them.

Fortunately, Virtuous has built a team of folks who are passionate about seeing nonprofits succeed!


Expect more

Virtuous gives you the nonprofit CRM, fundraising, volunteer, and marketing tools you need to create responsive experiences that build trust and grow impact.

Grow generosity with Virtuous.

Virtuous is the responsive fundraising software platform proven to help nonprofit organizations increase generosity by serving all donors personally, no matter their gift size.

“Virtuous truly understands nonprofits and the importance of our mission. And their open access to data and built-in custom reports gave us access to the data we need.”
Todd Shinabarger
Chief Information Officer