Virtuous is driven to help nonprofits grow generosity.



We believe that generosity has the power to create profound change in the world and in the heart of the giver.

With that in mind, it’s our mission to move the needle on global generosity by helping nonprofits better connect with and inspire their givers.

We aspire to bring more good into the world, and help the people and organizations who are working towards that.



Build Better

We build audacious ideas to accelerate philanthropy and dismantle the status quo. 

We are endlessly curious. We seek to deliver best-in-class products that delight our users and help nonprofits grow. We do hard things, knowing that nothing worth doing comes easy. We are results-oriented. We believe relentless execution focused on key metrics will drive success in our mission to increase global generosity. We hire and empower the best and brightest–and we challenge ourselves and our teammates to find the best solution to every problem.


Display Radical Generosity

We are generous with our time & talent as we serve our team and the nonprofit community.

We go the extra mile. We do the right thing for Virtuous and for our customers. We respond personally and intentionally to those around us, knowing that personal relationships drive generosity. Our commitment to listening, empathy, and service drives value to our customers, team, and partners.

Stay Humble &
Enjoy the Journey

We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We leave our ego at the door. No team member at Virtuous is a “big deal”. We laugh often and take joy in serving one another, our partners, and our customers. We celebrate one another because we believe that life is too short not to love what you do.


We create good in the world by helping nonprofits
inspire generosity and increase their impact.