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The Responsive Nonprofit Summit is a three day virtual experience for forward-thinking nonprofit fundraisers and leaders, hosted by Virtuous.

This is not your typical virtual event. You’ll be front-row with world-class nonprofit and thought leaders, participate in hands-on, discussion-driven workshops during breakout sessions, and build lasting connections with like-minded peers. From the latest in fundraising and marketing to in-the-trenches case studies, get the insights and connections you need to grow in 2021 and beyond.

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Jennifer Schell Podoll

Senior Vice President, Autism Speaks

Nneka Allen

Founder, The Empathy Agency

Gail Perry

President & Founder, Gail Perry Group

Kelley Stewart

EVP Client Services, Pursuant

Sonam Singh

Impact Marketing, Watsi

Rubin Singh

Founder, OneTenth Consulting

Soraya Alexander

COO, Classy

Amin Tehrani

Managing Director, Revunami

Dre Harris

Founder, Doulos Consulting

Gabe Cooper

CEO & Founder, Virtuous

Meenakshi Das

Founder, NamasteData

T. Clay Buck, CFRE

Founder & Consultant, TCB Fundraising

All times shown in EST

11:00 am Welcome & Summit Kickoff 10 min

Excited to kick off the summit and set the stage for three days of learning together!

11:10 am Philanthropic Giving is BOOMING: Can Donor Loyalty Sustain It? 45 min

The last 18 months have marked unprecedented generosity, bucking the decades-long trend of philanthropic giving representing a mere2% of the GDP. So, the question now becomes, can we sustain it, and how? Having all but accepted an industry standard of high churn to low retention, the last two years have elevated philanthropy and allowed our donors to feel seen and valued in different ways. Their experiences have set the stage for a new standard – one where donor churn is low and donor retention is high – one where donor loyalty is prioritized and valued above all else. Philanthropic Giving is booming, together we’ll explore an emphasis on Donor Loyalty will sustain the boom!

12:00 pm Post Pandemic Fundraising: How Fund Development Must Evolve 55 min

Nonprofit leaders are on the frontlines of change that is urgently needed right now. Join this insightful conversation with leaders at nonprofits who are committed to mobilizing movements for lasting change. Hear first-hand stories of what works, what has fallen short, and the strategies pushing movements forward.

1:00 pm 5 Strategies For Retaining & Recapturing Sustainer Donors 25 min

How do you keep and recapture your recurring donors? It may seem like a never-ending struggle. Why is it important? What can you do? Can you do something ahead of time? Can you automate parts of the process? What’s the impact on your sustainer retention rate if you do? YES, YOU CAN! This session will provide you the focus and tweaks you’ll need to keep and recapture more of your recurring givers than you ever thought possible.

1:00 pm How Nonproifts Use DonorSearch & Virtuous To Scale Listening 25 min

See how organizations are using DonorSearch and Virtuous to gain donor insights and scale listening in order to drive results

1:00 pm 4 Ways To Make Prospect Research Equitable 25 min

We have to update our approach for research and analytics. The lack of equity in the strategies represents missed opportunities for engagement. But, what does that equity-driven research look like? How do we ensure the research we are doing is mindful of all our constituents? We don’t have to look too far for the answer. Most often, simple changes can ensure better results. In this 12-min session, I will share 4-ways you can leverage today to go beyond the known research and analytics techniques to ensure equity and inclusivity.

1:30 pm Lead Tough, Not Loud 25 min

1:30 pm How To Manage Change Successfully 25 min

Change management and process definition; Join Cedarstone for a discussion on ensuring successful platform change

1:30 pm How Questions Can Open Doors & Drive Deeper Donor Engagement 12 min

Discover three strategic areas to ask questions of your current and potential donors. What you learn as you ask and listen to their answers will fuel the effectiveness of your marketing to grow and retain your donor base month-after-month.

1:45 pm Demystifying the Donor Value Journey 12 min

Question: Can you describe your org’s donor value journey from awareness to advocate and the 5-6 steps in between? If not then this session is for you. It’s time to get clear and intentional about crafting a donor journey that takes your fundraising from inadequate to holy-sh#! effective.

2:00 pm Responsive Leadership: How To Design Systems that Strengthen Culture & Communications to Scale Impact 45 min

Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy. This is now compounded due to the upheaval 2020 — from the pandemic and social justice to climate — left behind with no clear end in sight. Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, how should you design and lead your fundraising teams? How does this impact your ability to collaborate to deliver a responsive supporter experience? We'll address these challenges head-on, share how supporter preferences have evolved, and what that requires now of you and your team. During the session, you’ll learn: 1) Two (2) macro shifts shaping supporter preferences, and the resulting pivots your team must consider for growth 2) Eight (8) mindsets you and your team can adopt to increase the pace of learning, combat burnout, and unlock growth 3) How to motivate and mobilize your team to collaborate across silos to deliver a responsive donor journey for all supporters.

2:45 pm The Wrap Up: Five Key Takeaways from Day I 15 min

Celebrate the wrap on Day I, and hear five key takeaways from the day's incredible speakers and get the insider preview on what you should tune in on during Day II.

11:00 am Welcome & Day II Kickoff 10 min

Join the Virtuous team for a Day II kick off and session highlights.

11:10 am Virtuous Platform: Designed for Generosity, Built for Nonprofit Success 45 min

12:00 pm Digital Transformation: Frontline Lessons in Failure, Patience, & Change Management 55 min

The last 18 months accelerated the need for digital transformation. But what is digital transformation and what does it entail? Listen in as we break down these questions, share best practices, and and hear from leaders leading change efforts today.

12:00 pm Why it’s Time to Prioritize Mental Health & Well-Being in the Nonprofit Sector 55 min

We believe mental health is one of the most silent, debilitating and dangerous threats to the nonprofit sector today, if left unaddressed. And let’s face it - it’s simply not discussed enough. This discussion is about lifting the stigma and approaching the conversation square on with a diverse panel of nonprofit professionals and clinical experts who bring a depth of lived experiences, personal and professional research, and clarity of purpose. You’re not alone. Join us in community and feel seen, inspired and ready to take steps toward healing.

12:00 pm The Power of Story: How To Activate Generosity Through Connection & Community 55 min

1:00 pm How Nonprofits Use Multi-Channel Fundraising During Year-End Season 25 min

Multi-channel donors are worth nearly 3 times as much as someone who give only gives online or only through the mail. And the latest research suggests that nonprofits have lots of room to improve their multi-channel communication throughout the year. But in this new study conducted by NextAfter and Virtuous, you're going to see exactly how nonprofits used multi-channel communication during year-end 2020: the biggest giving season of the year. In this compelling session, you’ll get the key findings from a first-hand analysis of the year-end multichannel communication of 119 nonprofit organizations. You’ll also see real examples of online and offline donor communications and get access to experiments and resources to help you improve your online fundraising.

1:00 pm Live Platform Tour: See How Virtuous Helps Nonprofit Teams Grow 55 min

See a live, in-depth tour of Virtuous, the only responsive fundraising platform, and hear how other nonprofit teams use Virtuous to build lasting donor relationships at scale. Walk through a guided tour of Virtuous, including our nonprofit CRM, marketing and automation platform, and digital fundraising tools, and how they help you grow giving. See exactly how you can use responsive fundraising strategies to increase average gift size, increase donor retention rates, and more. Plus, get all your questions answered by our nonprofit technology advisors.

1:00 pm Navigating The Rise Of Hybrid Fundraising Events 25 min

In 2022, should you plan for an in-person or virtual event? The answer is both. Hybrid fundraising events are here, and they’re the present and future of fundraising. But, how do you create a great hybrid event experience? In this tactical session, you’ll learn top-performing strategies distilled from hundreds of successful hybrid-fundraising events, equipping you to create the best event experience and maximize online + offline donations for your nonprofit.

1:30 pm Does Your Fundraising Spark Joy? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Fundraising 25 min

Does your fundraising spark joy for your donors and you? This dynamic session will help identify the issues that keep your fundraising from being the best it can be. You’ll walk out with a plan to tackle your clutter and create a joyous experience for your donors and for yourself.

1:30 pm What Great British Bakeoff Can Teach Us About Relationships and Conversions 25 min

There's something important happening right now, and it's good for all of us: Big funders are shifting from impact-tied funding to community-informed support. It's exciting, but it's also slow-going, and as a nonprofit community, we need funding solutions now. Join us as we surface how existing communities are leveraging coalitions, sharing tools, and building the future right now—and 3 lessons you can implement at Monday's all-team meeting.

2:00 pm The 2021 Year End Fundraising Digital Marketing Playbook 45 min

Looking to take your year end fundraising success to the next level in 2021? Tune in to walk through the exact digital marketing playbook Community Boost is using as the foundation to help over 200 nonprofits scale online donations this giving season. Join Cameron Ripley, CEO of Community Boost, as he walks you through the phases, strategies, channels and tactics that will accelerate your year end giving results from good to great.

2:00 pm 5 Underutilized Virtuous Features that Help Nonprofit Teams Build Better 45 min

Get a personalized tour of the five (5) features in Virtuous that are underutilized and how to adopt them. This inside scoop will help your teams save time by ridding them of back-office tasks, increase EOY fundraising efforts through personalized asks and non-cash giving, and build better relationships with new (and old) supporters as you plan for 2022.

2:45 pm The Wrap Up: Five Key Takeaways from Day II 15 min

Celebrate the wrap on Day II and hear five key takeaways from the day's incredible speakers and get the insider preview on Friday's sessions

11:00 am Welcome & Day III Kickoff 10 min

Join the Virtuous team for a Day III kick off and session highlights.

11:10 am It's Not an Ask. It's a Gift Conversation. 45 min

Learn how to turn the Ask into an easy, seamless “Gift Conversation.” You’ll discover interactive power questions that can lead donors to simply offer gifts without being asked.

12:00 pm Cultivating Loyalty: What Nonprofits Can Learn from Successful Consumer Brands 55 min

Nonprofit organizations have long operated under an assumption that the way a donor engages with them is inherently different from the way that same donor would engage with, say, Nike when deciding to buy a new pair of shoes. But what if we put pressure on this assumption? What has made consumer brands so successful at keeping their customers engaged and coming back that nonprofits can learn from to build a robust recurring giving program and long-term donor engagement? Join us as Soraya Alexander, Chief Operating Officer at Classy, dives into her experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to help us better understand what has made the best-in-class consumer brands so successful, and what learnings nonprofit professionals can take away and take action on in their own organizations.

12:00 pm Nonprofit Tech Leader Roundtable: The Changing Role Technology Plays in Fundraising Growth 25 min

Change is hard. From program pivots and technology overhauls to work from home and new brand narratives. Each requires strategic intent, courageous leadership, and long-term planning. Join this conversation to hear industry leaders share the ins and outs of leading change initiatives, and how you can adopt technology from idea to implementation to ensure success.

1:00 pm What Matters Right Now: Trends, Tools & Tips Nonprofits Should Embrace in this Brave New World 55 min

As hosts of the We Are For Good Podcast - we’ve interviewed more than 120 nonprofit professionals in the past last year who have lifted the veil on what’s working…right now. This is a fast-paced conversation to point you to the aspects of growing a team, raising more money and showing up authentically. Expect to explore innovative case studies, and be equipped with the tools, tips and actionable next steps to evolve and grow your impact today.

1:00 pm How To Design Personalized Donor Journeys with Classy + Virtuous 25 min

See how modern nonprofit teams are using Classy and Virtuous to deliver personalized donor experiences and increase donor engagement to grow giving.

1:00 pm Breaking Down Silos: Marketing's Changing Role in Fundraising Growth 55 min

1:30 pm How Nonprofits Are Bringing Donors Closer to Impact with Personalized Video 25 min

2:00 pm Leaders in Philanthropy Roundtable: The Future of Fundraising 45 min

2:45 pm Build Better: 7 Learnings & Takeaways To Help You Grow 15 min

That's a wrap! Close out three days of learning with the Virtuous team and get a recap of the top 7 lessons and takeaways from the Responsive Nonproift Summit sessions.


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