The virtual learning experience for forward-thinking nonprofits

The Responsive Nonprofit Summit is a two-day virtual learning experience for forward-thinking nonprofit fundraisers and leaders, hosted by Virtuous.

This is not your typical virtual event. You you’ll be front-row with world-class nonprofit and thought leaders, participate in hands-on, discussion-driven workshops during breakout sessions, and build lasting connections with like-minded peers. From the latest in fundraising and marketing to in-the-trenches case studies, get the insights and connections you need to grow in 2021 and beyond.

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Be challenged. Get inspired. Equip your team to grow.

Success Stories

Hear first-hand about the latest research and responsive fundraising strategies nonprofit teams are using to grow.

Breakout Rooms

Attend sessions that align with your priorities to get practical takeaways you can implement now.

Peer-Driven Discussions

Connect with like-minded leaders, share learnings, and ask questions to unlock new insights.

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Gail Perry

President & Founder, Gail Perry Group

Muneer Panjwani

VP of Foundation, Government, and Corporate Partnerships, The Trevor Project

Michelle Bibbs

Associate Senior Consultant, Alford Group

Nicole Dolan

Senior Director, Out of the Darkness Walks

Dulari Gandhi

Program Officer, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation; Founder, D. Gandhi Communications

Ruth Thomas

VP of Finance & Administration, Sat-7

Christen Brandt

Co-Founder, She's the First; Co-Author, Impact

Kevin Eckstrom

Chief Communications Officer, Washington National Cathedral

Tracy Evans

Ride Director, AIDS/LifeCycle

Jennifer Mulholland

Co-Owner, Plenty

Maria Choi

CEO & Founder, Raise for Good

Kyson Bunthuwong

Director of Development & Partnerships, Philanthropy Together

Adrian Owen-Jones

Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services, LSU Foundation

Scot Chisholm

CEO & Co-Founder, Classy

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Brandon McRae

Senior Consultant, Community Boost

Chad Moses

Director of Outreach & Experience, To Write Love On Her Arms

Mark Miller

Managing Partner, Historic Agency

Kim Richardson

Director of Client Strategy, Pursuant

Blythe Hill

CEO & Founder, Dressember

Taylor Corrado

Director of Brand & Communications, Wistia

Dana Heiser

Director of Annual Giving, Washington National Cathedral

Cynthia Coleman

Director of Services, Heller Consulting

Ernad Civic

Facebook Ads Area of Practice Manager, CommunityBoost

Blair Janis

Director, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Sarah Olivieri

CEO & Founder, Pivot Ground

Whitney Norman

VP of Client Solutions, Pursuant

Jeff Shuck

Co-Leader, Plenty

Maureen Wallbeoff

Nonprofit Consultant

Gabe Cooper

Founder & CEO, Virtuous

Jennifer Frazier

President & Founder, Firefly Partners

Dana Snyder

Founder & CEO, Positive Equation

Taylor Shanklin

CEO & Founder, Barlele

Jonathan McCoy

Co-Founder, We Are For Good

Becky Endicott

Co-Founder, We Are For Good

Stuart Entwistle

Account Executive, DonorSearch

Kat Baccash

Finance & Development Manager, To Write Love On Her Arms

Dr. Tammy Smithers

Executive Consultant, Bridge Philanthropic Consulting

Jill Pall

Chief Development & Communications Officer, WWO

Bryan Funk

Markeing Manager, Virtuous

Megan Donahue

Content Manager, Virtuous

Julia Beltran

Partner Success, Double the Donation

Noah Barnett

CMO, Virtuous

Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Global Philanthropy Advisor, Putnam Consulting

Tania Bhattacharyya

Founder, Lumos Marketing

Ryan Ross

Head of Channels & Alliances, Classy

Ryan Hogan

Marketing Coordinator, Oasis for Orphans

Tania Bhattacharyya

Founder, Lumos Marketing

Nick Jensen


Nhu Te

Editor-in-Chief, Nonprofit Pro

Stephen Bourdeu


Megan Beltran

Director of Customer Success, Virtuous

Kevin Kreamer

VP of Partnerships, Virtuous

Kate Bullard


Courtney Bulgar

Chief Development & Marketing Officer, Piedmont Park Conservancy

* all times listed in EDT

11:00 Welcome & Summit Kickoff 15 min

Excited to kick off the summit and set the stage for two days of learning together!

11:15 Fireside Chat: Why Generosity Matters 30 min

At Virtuous, our mission is to help nonprofit teams grow generosity globally. During this fireside chat style conversation, you'll hear an array of voices share why generosity matters, and the ways at which you and your organization can further inspire and activate generosity in your supporter communities.

11:50 Digital Transformation: How To Build Resilence & Scale Your Fundraising in 2021 45 min

The last year accelerated the need for digital transformation. But what is digital transformation and what does it entail? Listen in as we break down these questions, share best practices, and and hear from leaders leading change efforts today.

12:40 The Psychology of Fundraising 30 min

Join us for a short spark discussion on some basic psychological principles that we feel affect fundraiser and volunteer affinity and behavior. We will discuss how to frame your CTA, regardless of audience. And show some perhaps counter-intuitive ways to boost fundraising through a social relationship.

12:40 Love It or List It: Assess Your Current Technology for Fit & ROI 30 min

Making decisions around nonprofit technology can be tricky – especially when those decisions cost money. One of the trickiest decisions is whether you should invest in updating the existing fundraising CRM/database, or if the smart thing to do is begin to plan for a move into a new system. Sure, people complain about the current platform, but a conversion project is time-consuming.

If you’re wondering whether to stay or go, join Digital Strategist & Technology Coach Maureen Wallbeoff and learn how to evaluate your current technology for fit and alignment with your organization’s strategic goals.

12:40 5 Success Strategies Learned During the Pandemic 15 min

To say that 2020 upended event fundraising is almost an understatement, yet some creative leaders pivoted and discovered new paths to success. Hear from Nicole Dolan, the AFSP Senior Director of Out Of The Darkness Walks as she shares her top five learnings and recommendations for events in 2021.

12:55 More to Come... 15 min

Details coming soon...

1:15 Mobilizing Generosity: Observations Over 10 Years and $3 Billion of Giving 30 min

Sit in on Gabe's candid conversation with Scot Chisholm, CEO & Co-Founder of Classy. He'll share observations on how philanthropy has evolved and what hasn't changed, what we all must do to modernize our fundraising, and the latest insights from The State of Modern Philanthropy.

1:50 Mobilizing Movements for Change 45 min

Nonprofit leaders are on the frontlines of change that is urgently needed right now. Join this insightful conversation with leaders at nonprofits who are committed to mobilizing movements for lasting change. Hear first-hand stories of what works, what has fallen short, and the strategies pushing movements forward.

2:40 How To Leverage Video & Podcasting to Retain, Engage, & Inspire Supporters 30 min

Storytelling has always been a vital part of fundraising for nonprofits. But the how you tell those stories has changed over the decades. With the rise of video and audio consumption in the last 5 years, and more significantly in 2020, nonprofits have to continue to evolve their storytelling through new mediums. In this session, Taylor Corrado, Director of Brand and Communications at Wistia will walk you through how video and podcasting can be new and fruitful channels to retain more of your supporters.

2:40 Personalized Donor Journeys with Classy + Virtuous 30 min

See how modern nonprofit teams are using Classy and Virtuous to deliver personalized donor experiences and increase donor engagement to grow giving.

2:40 Minimize to Maximize: Focus On Less To Maximize Impact 15 min

Taken from her recent TEDx talk, in this discussion, Taylor Shanklin will introduce a productivity framework so that you show up in your life and your work happier and more authentically. Research shows that the American workforce is stressed, and many of us find ourselves spending time and energy on tasks that often do not line up with our own personal gifts or passions, or the mission of our organization. By minimizing distractions in your work and letting go of things that do not truly add value, you can maximize opportunity for the impact of your mission and your own professional growth. Focus on what matters, lift off.

2:55 Brand First Donor Experiences 15 min

Raise more, convert more, and cultivate more advocates for your cause by aligning your donor communication with your brand. Learn digital techniques that awaking donors to your cause and build trust. From video emails and donor onboarding to content marketing, learn how to show case your organizations "why" and "how" like never before.

3:15 The First 90 Days: How To Design Responsive, Multi-Channel Donor Journeys That Deepen Engagement 45 min

Today's donor is distracted. Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy. This is now compounded due to the upheaval the 2020 global health and economic crisis left behind with no clear end in sight.

Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, how should you cultivate new donors to ensure you build connection and secure second gifts? We'll address these challenges head-on, share why multi-channel is a must in 2021, and map a clear donor journey process that will increase your new donor retention and help you grow your donor base at scale.

4:05 5 Proven Strategies for Successful Facebook and Instagram Ads in 2021 30 min

Over $3 Billion has been raised on Facebook to date. On top of that, from the over 100+ nonprofits whose Facebook & Instagram ads we manage, we’ve seen an average return on ad spend of over 2.5X (not including countless event registrations, leads, volunteer applications, and valuable brand awareness). Facebook is a proven and profitable growth channel for nonprofits in 2021. While the platform may seem too esoteric and difficult-to-understand for your nonprofit to make the most of, it doesn’t have to be.

4:40 The Wrap Up: Five Key Takeaways from Day I 20 min

Celebrate the wrap on Day I with Bryan and Noah. Hear five key takeaways from the day's incredible speakers and get the insider preview on what you should tune in on during Day II.

11:00 Welcome & Day I Recap 15 min

Join the Virtuous team for the Day II kick-off and session highlights.

11:15 The Agile Nonprofit: How To Create A Strategic Plan That's Adaptive to Uncertainty 30 min

Many nonprofits struggle with strategic planning. Nonprofit Strategic Plans tend to be 5-year plans with vague objectives, over 10 goals, and almost no concrete action steps. Yet, these plans guide organizations and end up leaving them rudderless, confused and many times with a weak budget. We advocate that instead of creating a strategic plan, nonprofits use a strategic framework to lean on. What is the difference between a framework and a plan? While a framework adapts to change and guides through iteration, a plan is typically a list of inflexible steps. Plans do not account for new priorities/changed directions while a framework can support you in heading in a different direction. In our COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 world, this agility is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. During this session, we will dive into the Impact Method™, a strategic framework designed for nonprofits. The Impact Method™ was created as a way to break down your big audacious goals into clear, easy-to-understand components.

11:50 The Responsive Mindset: How Nonprofit Teams Use Virtuous To Grow Impact 45 min

The world you fundraise in has changed. Virtuous is your growth partner for the new normal ⏤ unifying your fundraising, marketing, and donor development activities, ridding teams of redundant back-office tasks, and surfacing the insights and signals needed to deliver dynamic donor experiences at scale. Explore what's possible with Virtuous.

12:40 P2P Events Redux: What we are doing differently in 2021 and beyond 30 min

Jen Frazier, President+Founder of Firefly Partners and Tracy Evans, Ride Director for the AIDS/LifeCycle and TogetheRide will talk about some of the biggest lessons learned about running a virtual event during the pandemic. Tracy will share some of the big takeaways from what worked, what didn’t, and what they will take forward as they begin to prep for running the 21 event and set their sights on planning for 2022.

AIDS/LifeCycle, a program of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation held every June and one of the most successful multi-day rides in the country, had to pivot to virtual and become the TogetheRide in 2020 when the COVID pandemic shut it down.

12:40 Live Platform Tour: See How Virtuous Helps Nonprofit Teams Grow 30 min

See a live, in-depth tour of Virtuous, the only responsive fundraising platform, and hear how other nonprofit teams use Virtuous to build lasting donor relationships at scale. Walk through a guided tour of Virtuous, including our nonprofit CRM, marketing and automation platform, and digital fundraising tools, and how they help you grow giving. See exactly how you can use responsive fundraising strategies to increase average gift size, increase donor retention rates, and more. Plus, get all your questions answered by our nonprofit technology advisors.

12:40 Copywriting Tips to Stand Out as you Stand Up for your Mission 15 min

Copywriting can be considered "sales at scale." Tune in for five copywriting tips any nonprofit professional can use to make their case for support on a variety of materials. These tips will help persuade your potential donors and volunteers to roll up their sleeves and support YOU in your mission and vision.

12:55 Focus on Heartbeats, Not Followers - How To Build a Passionate Online Community 15 min

Did you scroll through content on Instagram today? Maybe watch a live video on Facebook? Ever wonder what made you pause on that post or hit like to engage? I’ll walk you through a phased content strategy approach you can activate for your cause that focuses on authentically educating, inspiring, and motivating your audience to be an advocate for your cause online.

1:15 Acing Capital Campaigns in Difficult Times 30 min

Join renowned fundraising consultants, Gail Perry, as they discuss case studies of capital campaign successes throughout 2020. They'll share how these organizations persisted and capital campaign tips and tricks you can use during difficult times to set your organization up for even greater success when stability reemerges.

1:50 What’s Next? Innovations & Shifts In Fundraising 45 min

What’s next? We’ve been exploring this question on the We Are For Good Podcast as we learn beside you, because we want to understand how to navigate this brave new world we find ourselves standing in. Join a roundtable discussion of innovative trends that are steadily emerging from the nonprofit sector challenging the ways we’ve always been taught.

We’ll explore building passionate communities of believers, how flexing data/tech can build stronger, interconnected development teams, how to move into partnerships rather than simply relationships, and how shifting into a DEI mindset can create an inclusive culture that brings more believers to your organization’s table.

2:40 Engaging Supporters and Donors with Care 30 min

For the last 15 years, To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) has grown a global movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. The movement began with a caring conversation to connect a friend to the help she deserved. Since then, the TWLOHA team has responded individually to 210,000 message from people in 100 countries.

This level of deep care is carried over into their fundraising campaigns, recurring donor program, events, and all the ways they engage with donors, supporters, and volunteers.

Join this thoughtful discussion around how TWLOHA balances caring for people who may be struggling alongside growing revenue to expand their mission.

2:40 How SAT-7 Uses DonorSearch & Virtuous To Scale Listening 30 min

Learn how donor signals can enable your nonprofit teams the insights needed to personalized donor cultivation and increase retention rates.

2:40 Test, Optimize, Repeat: real-world examples to help you stand out amid the digital noise. 15 min

We are all navigating a rapidly evolving philanthropic landscape and experiencing the industry-wide emphasis on having a strong digital presence. Covid made the already noisy digital environment, even more noisy, accelerating the need to provide a seamless experience for each audience, across all the various digital platforms.

Recognizing that a healthy digital program is much more than a website and some emails, and that being timely and relevant are table stakes, organizations are working to (re)define every element of the user experience to build a sense of connection and community in a physically distant world. At the core of this work, is a tried and true process – test, assess, optimize and repeat.

2021 is upon us and we are navigating a new set of realities. Infusing new thinking and strategies, with a disciplined approach to testing fosters a nimble culture maximizing impact and value for today and the days to come.

In this session, Whitney Norman, Vice President, Client Solutions at Pursuant will unpack testing with a focus on how to listen and understand the priorities and motivations that inspire your supporters to take action.

You’ll walk away with concrete examples to apply in your organization to keep donors engaged and motivated.

2:55 Corporate Matching Demystified: 3 Strategies to Ensure You Don't Leave Free Money On The Table 15 min

This session is designed to help your organization understand the best strategies and tactics to take advantage of the $4-7 billion in matching gift funds that go unclaimed each year. This presentation will share the best methods to educate donors and drive matching gift requests to completion - leading to more revenue without unnecessary effort.

3:15 A Conversation on Diversity in Philanthropy 45 min

Listen in to a candid conversation, hosted by Michell Bibbs at the Alford Group, as we discuss the current climate of diversity in philanthropy, the needed work both inter-organization and within fundraising. Explore how we as fundraising and nonprofit leaders can lead our organizations, teams, and self from being woke to working and ally to advocate.

4:05 Beyond Resiliency 30 min

We’ve all lived through a year that has challenged us like never before. For nonprofit professionals, 2020 tipped the scales on a sector that already had trouble taking care of the wellbeing of its members. We all deserve — and need — more. Join Plenty’s co-owners, Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, as they explore moving beyond the myth of the professional life and personal life to surrender into a new definition of wellbeing grounded in the innate health we all share.

4:25 What's Next? 7 Learnings & Takeaways To Help You Grow in 2021 20 min

That's a wrap! Close out two days of learning with the Virtuous team and get a recap of the top 7 lessons and takeaways from the Responsive Nonproift Summit sessions.


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