Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page

Live Donation Page Critiques

Is your donation page costing you donors?

For many nonprofits, the answer is “yes,” whether they know it or not. Many people who land on your donation page don’t complete a gift. How can you help more donors complete more gifts? By optimizing your donation page to showcase your nonprofit’s value, and making small changes to prevent friction and distraction.

This week on The Responsive Weekly, Stephen Boudreau, VP of Brand & Community at Virtuous and Co-Founder of RaiseDonors, joined us to talk about best practices and offer suggestions on the real donation pages of brave volunteers.

The Quick Summary

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Top Takeaways

  • Optimization is an ongoing process. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about trying new things to get better results and connect with your unique audience.
  • Don’t assume that if someone is on your donation page they’re ready to give. An astoundingly high number of donors who go to donation pages don’t complete their gifts (I’ve seen estimates between 50-84%).
  • Aim to reduce friction on your page. Friction is anything that slows/stalls/distracts the donor from completing their gift. Look out for unnecessary form fields and anything on your page that distracts the donor or suggests they take another action. Remove the main navigation from your donation page.
  • Focus on your nonprofit’s value proposition–why should the donor give to you, instead of another organization?
  • Clarity, appeal, exclusivity, and credibility are four levers you can use to show your nonprofit’s unique value proposition.
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