Author: Megan Donahue

After Giving Tuesday: To Year-End And Beyond

You’ve wrapped Giving Tuesday, now what? Giving Tuesday is the global day of giving, kicking off the giving season. This week on The Responsive Weekly, Katie Golland of Classy joined

10 Posts To Boost Your Year-End Fundraising

Giving Tuesday has passed, and the year-end fundraising season has begun! It’s the busiest time of the year for most fundraisers and a crucial season for nonprofits. As you start

3 Kinds Of Signals Donors Are Sending You

How do you know who your donors are and what matters to them? Your donors are sending you signals all the time. Through their behavior, giving, preferences, and words, they’re

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Tips For Responsive Year-End Fundraising

What makes a year-end fundraising campaign responsive? The year-end fundraising season is a critical time for many nonprofits to raise money and build relationships with their supporters. This week on