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Thriving nonprofits that see donors that are activated, impassioned, and determined to give back. We learned this and more in on why America gives in the latest episode for the Responsive Nonprofit Podcast.

Listen to our latest conversation with Michelle Boggs, Executive Nonprofit Industry Advisor at Classy, as she deep dives into all the findings within the 2022 Why America Gives Report. You’ll learn why responsive fundraising is critical to driving deeper donor relationships.

What 1,000 surveyed donors had to say

Classy’s annual U.S. donor survey goes right to the source. 1,000 donors to shared their charitable giving plans and motivations. 

What did we learn? 

  • 90% of donors are willing to match giving year over year
  • Loyal donors impact is 4x higher than passive donors
  • 59% of passive donors are searching for the nonprofits that match their values 
  • In the face of economic uncertainty there is an optimistic outlook on giving, especially considering the nonprofits that create personalized connections with donors

The key takeaway: the more responsive a nonprofit, the more giving increases. Responsive fundraising puts the donor at the center of fundraising and grows giving through personalized donor journeys that respond to the needs of each individual.

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The Why America Gives Report shares the power of responsive fundraising and creating personal connections with donors.

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