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3 Kinds Of Signals Donors Are Sending You

How do you know who your donors are and what matters to them? Your donors are sending you signals all the time. Through their behavior, giving, preferences, and words, they’re

3 Tips for More Responsive Donor Relationships

There are so many reasons to build better relationships with your donors. Reasons like: Reversing the truly discouraging rates of donor retention we see across the sector Honoring generosity at

The Five Attributes of Flourishing Nonprofits

Have you ever encountered a nonprofit organization that just wowed you? An organization that effectively pursued its mission and grew its fundraising, while rallying a community of passionate supporters? A

Start Mobilizing Donors and Volunteers

Do you have enough money and people to power your mission? It takes resources to change the world, but many nonprofits struggle to attract and retain those resources, both dollars

Diving Deeper on A/B Testing

How can A/B testing help you listen to your donors? A/B testing is a tool to listen to your donors. When you split test to optimize your emails, landing pages,

Fireside Chat: Research Review

What does the latest fundraising research mean for your organization? Fundraising research can help you understand larger trends, make decisions, and see where your organization fits in the bigger picture.

Preparing for Ethical Storytelling

What kinds of stories do you tell? Storytelling is an important part of fundraising and an essential component of the “Connect” part of the Responsive Framework. Through stories, supporters come