Tips For Responsive Year-End Fundraising

The Responsive Weekly Megan Donahue Bryan Funk

What makes a year-end fundraising campaign responsive?

The year-end fundraising season is a critical time for many nonprofits to raise money and build relationships with their supporters. This week on The Responsive Weekly, Bryan Funk and I discussed applying the Responsive Framework to year-end campaigns to get better results and lay the foundation for the entire year.

The Quick Summary

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Top Takeaways

  • Apply the Responsive Framework. Listen, connect, suggest, and learn throughout year-end.
  • Make it multi-channel. Create journeys for your donor segments that reach out on multiple channels, on and offline. Here’s that multi-channel study we referenced.
  • Automate to lighten the lift. Use your automation tools to streamline receipting, emails, thank yous, and more, so you can get them out in a timely way even if you’re incredibly busy. 
  • Consider generosity holistically. Celebrate all the ways your supporters give, including volunteers, in-kind donations, advocacy, and more. 
  • Plan for the long-term. Year-end fundraising is critical, but it’s not the whole story. You’re laying the groundwork for next year right now, what kind of experience do you want your donors to have? How will you follow up and engage them in the coming months?

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