Personalized Donor Stewardship


Sarah Landman joins the Responsive Fundraising podcast to discuss personalized donor stewardship. During our conversation, we discussed the tie between theatre and fundraising, key donor signals nonprofits must tune in on, and how you turn signals into more personalized cultivation plans, especially in 2021.

Sarah is the Sr. VP of Philanthropy Services at NewsBank / Insightful, a web-based platform to help nonprofits know more about their donors, which leads to deeper relationships.

Sarah is an experienced fundraising and business executive with a 15-year history and successful results working in the fundraising industry. She is skilled in major gift fundraising, business development, marketing, capital campaign consulting, women’s philanthropy, and legacy planning.

Subscription philanthropy: avoid these mistakes

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Donor Retention: The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits

Donor Retention: The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits

Unlock higher donor retention rates with Responsive Fundraising. Learn how the right tools can deepen relationships and maximize your nonprofit's impact.

Grow generosity with Virtuous.

Virtuous is the responsive fundraising software platform proven to help nonprofit organizations increase generosity by serving all donors personally, no matter their gift size.

“Virtuous truly understands nonprofits and the importance of our mission. And their open access to data and built-in custom reports gave us access to the data we need.”
Todd Shinabarger​
Chief Information Officer