How To Inspire Generosity At Scale



Dan Reed, the CEO and Founder of Seed Fundraisers join us again to talk about growing generosity at scale across various fundraising channels. He also shares practical tips on how you can activate and inspire generosity within annual giving campaigns, major gifts, and event fundraising.

Seed Fundraisers is a training and coaching organization focused on fundraising and program design. Furthermore: Seed is an ambitious group of problem solvers, institution-builders, and activators, more interested in the rigorous pursuit of generosity-fueled impact than the comforts of self-serving work.

Dan Reed is a philanthropy executive with over 15 years of frontline and leadership experience in philanthropic fundraising. He has helped raise over $50 million dollars in private philanthropy, led teams of up to 15 fundraisers, and supported leaders through significant organizational change.

Dan served the Denver Public Schools Foundation for three years during a time of major transition, and then joined Morris Animal Foundation as the Director of Corporate Sponsorships. Dan was promoted to Chief Development Officer and served in this role until 2016 when his passion to coach fundraisers led him to launch Seed Fundraisers, a training and coaching organization focused on fundraising and program design. Since its founding, Seed has partnered with over 45 organizations, bringing clarity and strategy to their greatest challenges.

Dan’s passion for philanthropy has guided his conviction for the occupation of fundraisers and the belief that fundraisers serve the world as intentional catalysts of generosity.

Dan has recently returned to his hometown of Beaver, PA where he now lives with his wife and two children. Together with his wife, he is building new relationships with old neighbors and raising his children to love curiosity, poetry, and someday, whiskey.

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