Leading Nonprofits Use Corporate Matching to Increase Revenue

Over 18 million people in the U.S. qualify for matching gift programs, yet most of these individuals don’t know anything about their organization’s matching gift program. This causes a shocking result – an estimated $4 to $7 billion in matching gifts to going unclaimed each year. Think of all that your organization could do with those extra funds!

That is why the leading nonprofit organizations take advantage of company gift matching. Employer matching gift programs are a lucrative fundraising strategy, and they can double or even triple your match-eligible donations. 

So why does gift matching seem to be the nonprofit industry’s best kept secret? Many donors and nonprofit organizations alike don’t know much about increasing donations through corporate matching. Luckily, Virtuous is partnered with Double the Donation, the industry leading gift matching software provider. This gift matching software is designed to identify match-eligible donors, notify them of their status and drive gift matches to completion. 

Interested in getting started? Keep reading to learn how leading nonprofits take advantage of corporate matching gifts to drive revenue.

1. Identify Match-Eligible Donors to Generate Awareness 

When you think of generating gift matching awareness, it might seem a little daunting. Luckily, you have the perfect opportunity to ask donors about their match eligibility – right on the donation form. 

During the donation process, you are already communicating directly with your donors. Also, they are feeling the most connected and committed to your organization. Simply add information about gift matching programs, and ask donors to pursue their own gift matching request. By mentioning gift matching on your forms, you are likely also increasing contribution amounts. Research has shown that there is a 51% increase in donation amounts that result from mentioning gift matching. 

With that being said, always communicate with brevity on your donation pages. Many donors want to quickly make their contribution, and they will not stop to read lengthy descriptions. 

Most donation forms allow you to edit them directly, or there are many software tools that can help you add valuable information to your pages. 360MatchPro, Double the Donation’s powerful gift matching tool, can actually complete this process for you. By integrating 360MatchPro with your Virtuous account, you can insert the gift matching tool directly onto your donation forms. 

The gift matching tool appears as a streamlined search bar. Once it has been integrated onto your donation page, donors can simply type in the name of their employer. A list of suggested companies will appear in the drop-down menu, making this process quick and easy. 


This step is important because it generates gift matching awareness during the donation process, which is when the donor feels most connected to your organization. Additionally, mentioning matching gifts during the donation process can actually cause a 51% increase in average donation amount. 

Once your donor enters their company information, 360MatchPro will scan a comprehensive database of employer gift matching programs. Then, the tool will identify the company and display important gift matching information such as guidelines, match amounts and qualifications. 

Many nonprofit organizations use employer gift matching to drive donations, and they often begin with this vital step. 360MatchPro easily identifies match-eligible donors and educates them about their employer’s program. This helps you save time while fueling your fundraising efforts.

2. Encourage Action Through Automated Messaging 

Once donors are aware of their gift matching programs, it is important for them to take action.That is why many nonprofits choose to use automated messaging following the donation process. While many donors simply drive their matching gift request to completion on the donation page, this is not always the case. 

Many of those who do not take action are still match-eligible, they just do not read all of the information on the donation form. It is important for your organization to still pursue these donors and ask them to complete a gift matching request. 

There are many automated email programs that can help you send follow up messages to donors. Depending on the size of your organization, you might also be able to incorporate this strategy into existing email outreach initiatives. In these messages, you should include a longer description of gift matching programs, and provide easy methods for donors to submit their gift matching request. 

360MatchPro can easily complete this step for you. The system automatically sends outreach messages following the donation process. This ensures that donors are aware of the details of their gift matching program, and they have another opportunity to access their company’s gift matching page. These messages can be configured to include personalized details about the donor, such as their name and where they work. This establishes a more sincere connection during the gift matching process. 


These emails detail the organization’s gift matching program. It includes employer match amounts, eligibility and a link to submit a gift matching request. This makes it easy for the donor to learn more about gift matching and take the final step of driving their gift to completion.

Most nonprofits choose to customize this email so that it matches their brand’s unique voice. From the 360MatchPro dashboard, organizations can configure the logos, color schemes and text of their automated messages. They can even choose the sender email address so that the reader recognizes the email as part of the nonprofit organization.

Automated yet personalized messaging is an important strategy that leading nonprofits utilize to encourage donors to complete gift matching requests. It is a great way to invoke action and secure increased revenue for your organization.

3. Use Web Pages to Increase Exposure

Sometimes donors seek out gift matching information outside of the donation process. It is important for them to have access to the relevant tools even if they are not currently making a donation. 

Many organizations choose to embed the 360MatchPro tool on one of their web pages. This increases exposure to gift matching, and it helps educate potential new donors. The tool on this page will appear very similar to the donation form option. It displays a streamlined search bar with the option to learn more about the donor’s company giving program.


Understanding gift matching programs can actually make donors more likely to respond to your fundraising initiatives. In fact, mentioning matching gifts in donation appeals results in a 71% increase in response rate. This means that if someone is interested in your organization and finds this page on your website, they are more likely to contribute to your mission.

4. Other Resources to Fuel Your Fundraising Efforts 

There are many great ways to expand your gift matching knowledge and develop a valuable matching gift program. 

Many organizations research existing gift matching programs in order to better understand their benefits and target the donors who work for these companies. Check out this list of top gift matching companies to learn more about some of the most effective programs for your organization. This list includes submission deadlines, matching ratio, match amount and more. With this information, you can be sure to target donors from the most valuable matching gift programs so that you can earn more contributions while making the most of your time spent fundraising. 

It is also a good idea to learn more about general matching gift programs so that you can better develop your fundraising strategies. This matching gift guide resource can help you learn more about the basics of gift matching and provide easy tips to take advantage of these lucrative programs. 

Many successful organizations utilize gift matching software like 360MatchPro to increase their revenue. Each aspect of the gift matching process can be configured from the 360MatchPro dashboard, which contains important insights regarding donor information.


This page includes donors’ contact information, employer and email open rates. This information is often used to plan future outreach initiatives. For example, using this data, you could configure automated yet tailored emails to thank donors for driving their specific gift matching requests to completion. 

If you are interested in seeing the gift-matching process in action, please schedule a 360MatchPro demo. This personalized session can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. 

Ready to earn more with matching gifts? Contact your Virtuous account executive and check out the 360MatchPro and Virtuous integration guide.

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