Fireside Chat: Fundraising Research Review

What does the latest fundraising research mean for your organization?

Fundraising research can help you understand larger trends, make decisions, and see where your organization fits in the bigger picture. Reports like Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy and M+R Benchmarks are a source of ideas, insight, and sometimes even surprises that can help you fundraise more effectively.

This week on The Responsive Weekly, we called together a team of experienced fundraisers from Virtuous to discuss the latest findings.

The Quick Summary

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Top Takeaways

  • Each organization is different, but paying attention to research and trends can help you put your own fundraising results in perspective.
  • Generosity is going strong!
  • Cultivating individual givers remains a high priority: listen and connect to build donor relationships.
  • Share research with your board to help them understand the larger landscape of philanthropy.
  • Giving donors options like monthly giving and corporate matching helps personalize the giving experience.

What you should do now

Below are three ways we can help you begin your journey to building more personalized fundraising with responsive technology.

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5 Steps to More Personalized Donor Experiences
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