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Donor Engagement Matrix

How do you know a donor is engaged with your organization? Is there a way to measure their engagement? If you knew for sure that some donors were more engaged


Content Mapping for Nonprofits

Digital marketing can feel overwhelming. You have emails, landing pages, social media, videos, and everything in between. You’ve created a lot of content, but how do you use it to


The Donor Journey Guidebook

Start creating donor personas and mapping your donor journeys with The Donor Journey Guidebook from Virtuous. These fillable templates will help you approach your communication planning in an organized and


Marketing Automation Playbook

Are you getting the most out of your automation? Marketing automation helps you connect with every supporter, sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. It


The Responsive Fundraising Playbook

The Responsive Fundraising Playbook provides you with 28 practical opportunities to implement responsive fundraising at your nonprofit right now. Whether you want to identify the right signals to listen to,


Online Giving Playbook

Online giving is a critical part of your entire fundraising system. We know more donors are giving more of their gifts online. But more importantly, nonprofits are using online giving


Donor Retention Playbook

As nonprofits look to grow, it is more critical than ever to understand the motivations of the modern donor and to build hyper-personalized relationships at scale. Retaining donors will require


The Donor Journey

The donor journey is each person’s path to evolve from a stranger to a recurring donor to your organization. It’s a complex web of personalized engagements and responses that are