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The Complete Nonprofit CRM Checklist

Choosing the right Nonprofit CRM and Donor Management Software is critical to growing a robust fundraising program. Modern donors expect more from your organization and the right CRM features can

Nonprofit Marketing Automation Checklist

Automation ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with every donor. Your team can tell a single story to reach donors across all channels. Automate personalized direct mail, postcards,

Content Mapping for Nonprofits

Digital marketing can feel overwhelming. You have emails, landing pages, social media, “code” and everything in between. It’s hard to take a step back to get a handle on what

The Donor Journey Guidebook

Start creating donor personas and mapping your donor journeys with The Donor Journey Guidebook from Virtuous. These fillable templates will help you approach your communication planning in an organized and

Marketing Automation Playbook

Are you getting the most out of your automation? Marketing automation helps you connect with every supporter, sending the right messages to the right people at the right time. It

The Complete Guide to Digital Fundraising

Digital fundraising has become the primary driver of new generosity over the last 15 years. Your digital strategy can be the difference between having a massive impact in the world,

Pocket Guide to Responsive Fundraising

Responsive fundraising is most effective if everyone understands why it’s important and how it will elevate every aspect of your nonprofit. That’s why we put together The Pocket Guide to

The Responsive Fundraising Playbook

In The Responsive Fundraising Blueprint, we outlined the framework leading nonprofits use to increase generosity from the modern donor. Using Listen, Connect, Suggest, and Learn strategies, responsive nonprofits are able