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About The Story Sherpa

Articulating impact can be tricky. As a nonprofit, you want to prove you’re doing good — and not just doing good marketing. 

Too often, nonprofits rely on raw data to show the impact: “27 schools built in 3 countries” or “4M people provided access to clean drinking water in 2022.”

Yes, outcomes show your organization’s capacity to do the work. But numbers alone don’t explain why your mission matters or how it makes a difference in the life of the people or communities you serve. 

What’s needed? Story.

The Story Sherpa helps you contextualize your mission and reveal social impact through the lens of firsthand stories. 

Understand the psychology of storytelling and its role in relationship-building, engagement and donor retention. Learn how to collect and share stories ethically.

The Story Sherpa is a social impact communications consultancy based in Washington, D.C. with a field office in the Dominican Republic. As a former international aid worker and video journalist, Laurie Pillow earned her storyteller badge honestly. She advocates for ethical storytelling practices in her work with UN agencies, NGOs, and social enterprises like yours. 

Additional Resource

A Guide to Crafting Impactful Stories

A Guide to Crafting Impactful Stories

How can nonprofit storytelling become more complete? How do we avoid reinforcing generalizations about the people we serve or issues for which we advocate? And how do we ensure we are sharing stories and not using them? In this blog post, learn how to become an ethical storyteller for your nonprofit.

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