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Nonprofit Alternatives for Google Optimize

Google announced that it plans to sunset Google Optimize in September 2023, meaning nonprofits must start looking for an alternative solution now. As a nonprofit organization, your website plays a


When to Utilize Technology for Offline Giving

In today’s giving space, online gifts are becoming more prevalent.  Online giving, text-to-give, recurring credit card payments, etc., reduce the labor required to process gifts. As we all know, though, 

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3 Steps for a Nonprofit CRM Implementation

A successful nonprofit CRM implementation is not a simple task. To better grasp what it means to make that change and implement a nonprofit CRM, I’ve always found the metaphor

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A Guide to Volunteer Management Tools

Approximately 25% of the adult population in the United States volunteers, which means effective volunteer management is increasingly important for nonprofits. In fact, when you look at younger generations, that

Declutter your nonprofit CRM data.

How to clean up your CRM data

Is your Nonprofit CRM full of messy donor data? If you work at a busy nonprofit, your days are stacked just trying to keep up with delivering programs and communicating

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Turning Volunteers into Donors: 4 Strategies

Your committed team of volunteers are some of your organization’s greatest advocates and supporters. While they donate their time and skills to your cause, they can also make generous monetary