Nonprofit Sector: Ministries

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Jewish Voice Ministries International Boosts Lapsed Donor ROI By 6x With Virtuous

Josiah White's

Josiah White's enhances their ability to track data and build relationships with their donors.

Charlotte Rescue Mission

Charlotte Rescue Mission Creates Deeper Connections

One for Israel

How One for Israel Adopted Donor-Centric Fundraising Strategies with Virtuous

African Bible Colleges

African Bible Colleges accomplished a capital campaign with Virtuous

John 3:16 Mission

John 3:16 Mission's clean data helps fuel their community efforts

Providence Network

Providence Network achieves ambitious fundraising with Virtuous

Western Dominican Province

How Western Dominican Province grows fundraising at scale

Denton Freedom House

Denton Freedom House easily tracks fundraising and donor data to grow impact