Increase Supporter Generosity with Video Messages

Discover how the Virtuous + ViewSpark integration transforms donor engagement through real-time video updates. Learn how this powerful tool can enhance transparency, deepen donor connections, and significantly boost fundraising efforts.

Picture this scenario in your mind: a donor has generously given to your organization, the thank-you email was sent in a timely manner, and a letter followed shortly thereafter. You may think the job is complete.

However, you could be missing an essential third step: sending an update about their gift’s impact.

The best way to continue stewarding a supporter’s relationship with your nonprofit is by sharing timely updates on how their contribution is impacting your mission. Donors want to know that their donations are being put to good use and that the organizations they support are honoring the campaigns and projects supporters contribute to.

In response to the rapid expansion of the mobile-friendly market over the past decade, donors have significantly altered the way they engage with content. They now expect more interactive and immediate forms of communication.

As a result, nonprofits need to adapt their engagement strategies to meet these evolving preferences.

Take Your Donor Engagement to the Next Level

One of the most effective ways to align with these changes is by utilizing real-time, authentic video updates. This method not only meets the demand for quick and engaging content but also enhances the human and authentic feel of your nonprofit’s brand.

By sharing how contributions are making a tangible impact through video, you can provide a dynamic and compelling view of your mission in action, further deepening donor connections and involvement.

For nonprofits looking to improve their engagement strategies, incorporating video content that is emotionally engaging and succinct can be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining donors.

But where do you start to find a video engagement tool? Nonprofits often find themselves with a lot of work and not enough time to research and implement new tools, which can be overwhelming. However, it is crucial to select a platform that is both effective and user-friendly and that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.

ViewSpark addresses these needs by enabling your team to deliver real-time videos to donors effortlessly. Its intuitive interface and robust integration capabilities ensure that you can start engaging your donors with high-quality video content right away without the need for extensive training or technical support. This ease of use makes it an ideal choice for nonprofits looking to enhance their donor relationships with minimal disruption to their current operations.

“ViewSpark generated well over a 5:1 ROl, even during the slowest fundraising time of the year. ViewSpark is literally a game changer for fundraisers.”

Katrina Henry, Haven of Rest, Akron, OH

Virtuous + ViewSpark Integration

Sending video messages to your donors is an incredible way to continue stewarding your relationship with them. But synching that critical information to your nonprofit CRM also builds efficiency that benefits your internal processes!

The Virtuous + ViewSpark integration equips fundraisers with powerful data and the ability to send real-time video updates to targeted donors within minutes. With one tap on your mobile device or desktop, you can select the donor, record a short video, and tap “publish.”

It’s that easy and takes less than a minute. In fact, ViewSpark users spend less than seven minutes using the platform each week!

The Virtuous + ViewSpark integration offers a seamless solution that allows fundraisers to put a definitive ‘problem solved’ next to this issue. It’s the simplest way to share real-time video updates with donors to raise more money and increase retention. Combined with Virtuous’ donor management system, it provides fundraisers with helpful insights to grow giving from your existing donors. 

With the integration, donor contact information is automatically synced between the two platforms. There is no more tedious manual process of filing and giving records. 

All of this makes it far easier to: 

  • Manage data between platforms
  • Take the relevant data and convert it into action items
  • Save time by making the work easier
  • Leverage the most effective tool in engagement – MMS text
  • Increase open rates by using MMS text

You can save time while raising more money and have happier donors because they can actually see what happens with their contributions.

Simplify the Thank You Process

With the Virtuous + ViewSpark integration, fundraisers will receive a push notification directly to their mobile device alerting them to a gift, and with one tap, they can open a pre-populated, pre-targeted message back to that donor. After recording a short thank you video message and press publish, the video is on its way to the supporter! 

What used to be a clunky, time-consuming process now takes seconds.

The Virtuous + ViewSpark integration enables fundraisers to amplify their power across all giving channels at the organization. Whether the gift was sourced from an email, text, website, event, or even a ‘walk-in’ donation—the integration will generate that push notification alert to the fundraiser, enabling them to send a personalized “thank you” immediately to that donor. 

Send Real-Time Updates via MMS 

As a responsive fundraiser, it’s crucial to customize your communication strategies to align with the preferences of your supporters. The Virtuous + ViewSpark integration enables you to send real-time video messages directly to your donors through their preferred channels, such as email or MMS, ensuring your message is both timely and engaging.

Clients utilizing ViewSpark for MMS messaging have experienced a notable 40% increase in open rates.

This powerful combination of tools enhances outreach effectiveness and deepens donor engagement, paving the way for sustained support and growth in fundraising efforts.

What you should do now

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