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Responsive Fundraising Platform

Power deeper donor relationships & grow giving

Virtuous unlocks new levels of generosity by personalizing every donor interaction, no matter their gift size. It simplifies your team’s workflow, removes tedious tasks, and boosts growth by tailoring each donor's journey.

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How Virtuous Grows Giving & Impact

  • Increase Donor Retention
  • Raise More Money
  • Reduce Team Inefficiency
  • Remove Data Silos
  • Acquire More Donors

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Positioning / Capabilities

The World’s Only Responsive Fundraising Platform

  • Nonprofit CRM
  • Automation
  • Marketing & Email
  • Donor Signals
  • Online Giving
  • Event Registration
  • Volunteer Mobilization

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How Virtuous Customers are Growing Generosity

Reduce your
admin time

Streamline processes with automation and efficient reporting.

Connect with
every supporter

Deliver personalized experiences to all your donors.

Break down
team silos

Share data across teams and make your organization more responsive.

Get a clear view
of your data

Better insights =
better results.

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