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At Revunami, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. When you reach out to us, we take the time to understand your organization’s goals and challenges and the interests and life cycles

CCB Holdings

Are you looking to impact the world with your own personal brand of awesomeness? Our goal is to showcase how amazing you are to each one of your customers. Our


Every time we find a problem, we build the perfect team to fix it. Sometimes the answer is “just Turnkey employees.” But more often that team includes different kinds of


Changegoat partners with investors, founders, and executives in the moments where leadership matters most. How does Changegoat deliver real value without being a real “know-it-all”? Over the past 12 years,

Local Media Consortium

We negotiate deals our members couldn’t get on their own with partners like Google, Facebook, Monster, and more. Whether it’s reducing costs or increasing revenue, we are all about providing

Maureen Wallbeoff

Maureen Wallbeoff is a nonprofit digital strategist and technology coach.  CRMs, online donations, integrations, and apps – managing a nonprofit ecosystem is a real challenge. Hundreds of organizations have trusted me


We began as one friend helping another establish a nonprofit in 1993. Through that experience we witnessed firsthand how much more effective nonprofit leaders can be in advancing their mission

Fields Digital

With a background in marketing and data science, Fields Digital can help with all of your marketing analytics and custom reporting needs.

Petrus Development

Petrus helps Catholic and faith-based ministries form, build and grow by teaching them to raise more money through best practices in sustainable fundraising strategies.