October 31 - November 3

How to Reboot
Your Donor Retention

A Series of 4 Tactical Workshops to Grow Year-End Giving and Beyond

Join Virtuous for this free, developmental webinar workshop series to learn practical ways to grow your donor retention through responsive, modern-day fundraising.

Our in-house fundraising experts will walk you through creating personalized experiences for donors, how to incorporate technology and automation to connect with donors at scale, and practice fundraising strategies and tactics that you can begin to implement today!

When a donor has fallen out of touch with your organization and has not given in some time, it is easy to consider them a “lapsed donor”. But donors do not consider themselves as lapsed.

They are not ungenerous. They are just busy.

Join this workshop with fundraising experts who will share the best ways to engage your lapsed donors during the last months of the year. Discover the power of data-driven insights and multi-channel approaches to identify and reconnect with donors effectively.

You will learn how to:

  • Leverage responsive data to understand the “why” behind the gift
  • Identify and segment lapsed donor personas
  • Utilize multichannel communications to re-engage donors
  • Create unique donor experiences that will connect personally with each donor

As a result, you will have the tools you need to see your donor re-engagement numbers go up—resulting in more fundraising revenue to further your cause.

This session will be led by:

  • Carly Berna, VP of Development and Marketing, Jewish Voice Ministries International 
  • Katie Lord, Enterprise Account Representative, Virtuous 
  • Amy Vitulli, Sr. Training Specialist, Virtuous

What does a template for a successful, year-end recurring gift program look like?

Join this workshop with philanthropy experts as they guide you through the process of crafting a compelling year-end recurring gift program. You’ll discover proven strategies to boost donor retention, harness the power of personalization, and optimize your fundraising efforts.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the fundraising field, this workshop promises practical takeaways that will elevate your recurring giving program today.

We will discuss how to:

  • Optimize your online donation page to increase giving
  • Create personalized experiences beyond the donation page to connect with first time, recurring donors, and millennial donors
  • Implement a response online digital experience that meets every donor where they are

As a result, you will have the digital tactics and strategies you need to drive online engagement that maximizes giving potential.

This session will be led by:

  • Max Bartolomea, Customer Success Manager, Virtuous
  • Katie Wasson, Commercial Account Representative, Virtuous
  • Tanya Valencia, Product Trainer, Virtuous

What happens when you treat every donor like a major donor?

Donors give for a wide range of reasons, but those reasons are always rooted in something deeply personal. But one thing remains true, they want to be a champion for your cause on the front lines. They want to understand their impact.

Join this workshop to learn from fundraising leaders as they teach you how to optimize donor cultivation, engagement, and conversion through the power of responsive, data-driven insights and crafted donor experiences that convey a donor’s impact and bring them closer to your mission.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a responsive mid-level giving to major gift donor journey
  • Craft personal, dynamic, and custom gift ask amounts
  • Leverage technology to identify who is a potential prospect for a major gift

As a result, you will be able to align your systems, tools, and data to transform donor relationships to exceed your year-end fundraising goals.

This session will be led by:

  • Jennifer Andreani, Executive Director of Development, CareNet
  • Erik Tomalis, Director of Business Development, Virtuous
  • Molly Kinder, Product Trainer, Virtuous

A successful end-of-year campaign can be the difference between hitting or missing fundraising goals. However, many organizations rely on basic, impersonalized campaigns during this time of year.

In this invitation-only conversation, fundraising leaders will have the space to go beyond the numbers and dig deeper to understand all the different components of a successful, growing nonprofit and what that means for the future of fundraising. In order to sustain and grow into the future of fundraising, we must become responsive organizations that align our teams, processes, and systems to work in harmony together.

But it begins with leadership.

You are personally invited to learn the key building blocks that drive increased generosity with your team, tactics, and technology. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide that outlines clear, actionable building blocks for healthy, effective teams and increased giving through responsive leadership.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Which KPI’s and leading indicators allow you to best forecast your EOY campaign.
  • Identify tools that can help your team better collaborate and understand the entire donor journey.
  • Best practices to balance efficiency and outcomes in the busy November+December months.
  • Create robust, automated, dynamic campaigns the connect to each donor at the right time with the right next step.

As a result, you will increase ROI and transform results through these responsive leadership strategies by aligning communications and teams through data-led decisions to unlock global mission impact.

This session will be led by:

  • Gabe Cooper, CEO, Virtuous

Earn FREE CFRE credits!

Full participation in How to Reboot Your Donor Retention is applicable for 4 points in Category 1.B -Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Virtuous Donor Retention Webinars, CFRE Eligible

4 Days, 4 Workshops
Our in-house fundraising experts will be covering 4 different learning modules led by Virtuous team members and nonprofit leaders to help you increase donor retention for good.

A Responsive, Fundraising Community
Learn from like-minded responsive fundraising leaders to connect with and learn from one another. There will be opportunities to connect and exchange fundraising ideas and tips.

Ready-to-Implement Takeaways
Walk away with brand new practical strategies and tactics that you can implement today to start increasing your donor retention in all areas.

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