Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Nonprofits

We love WordPress not only because it is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) but because it was initially built for the non-tech savvy people and a lot of the components are more than user friendly. That being said, you can make the most of it with WordPress developers who really know their stuff. It’s free to install and supports a ton of plugins and, to the mark of 55,398 to date, making it highly customizable and easy to improve your user experience and overall functionality. We use a ton of great wordpress plugins for our nonprofits here at Elevation so we thought we’d share our top 10 WordPress plugins for nonprofits.

1. Custom Post Type UI

Starting off with a bang, let’s talk Custom Post Types (CPTs). As you are building your site you will quickly learn that you have content that doesn’t strictly fit within the “pages” and “posts” limitations set by WordPress. Forms for example wouldn’t fall into either category. That’s when Custom Post Type UI comes in. It allows you to easily create and manage new CPTs. The plugin is extremely user friendly and essential for any nonprofit WordPress site.

2. Yoast

Have you ever wondered how Google determines the rank of websites on the search results page? Google crawls websites in order to determine the content of their web pages and its quality. Actively working to better your website for Google is something called SEO or search engine optimization. The Yoast plugin helps you maintain the SEO health of your website by evaluating your content before you post it as well as giving you analytics after it goes live.

3. Gravity Forms

Every nonprofit needs a form (or 5) on their site. From contact us to donation forms, making sure that you have a plugin that easily helps you create and manage these forms will make your site a more effective tool. The gravity forms plugin is both easy to use and allows you to connect to other add-ons if needed.

4. The Events Calendar

If your a nonprofit that has hosts many different events, then this is the plugin for you. You can easily post all of your events to an interactive calendar.. If you are a little more tech savvy there are also a ton of different additional features from Google Maps locations to Google Calendar and ICAL exporting capabilities. It’s also completely responsive from mobile to desktop to tablet.

5. Unite Gallery

This WordPress plugin creates easy picture galleries for your website. It comes with 10 different photo layouts allowing you to tailor it to your photo needs. The gallery also allows for video additions, zoom options and a ton more. If your nonprofit is trying to show off your stuff, this is a great way to display visual content!

6. Accordion Shortcodes

Accordions are those elements on your site that you click on to display more information otherwise known as drop downs. They allow you to have a clean design all while letting the user decide if they want to access additional information. This plugin allows for customization that will change the style of your accordion and even allows for two different shortcodes for accordions on the same page.

7. Preloader

This plugin lets you preload effects on specific posts/pages. It signals to your user that the page they are accessing is in the process of loading with a loading wheel or percentage bar. This plugin is fully customizable and works with all internet browsers. A must have for any nonprofit.

8. Timeline JS

If your nonprofit is interested in sharing its history via a timeline then this is the plugin for you. With this plugin you can pull form various media sources like Google Calendar to feature all of your organization’s important past. The timeline allows users to click through different dates and photos making it extremely interactive and extremely easy to use.

9. Google Maps Pro

We always recommend having Google Maps embedded on your nonprofit’s website. This plugin allows you to do so and you don’t even need any coding knowledge! Some features it includes are different map themes, localization options and full functionality of a full-screen map.

10. PopUp Maker

Are you trying to get more people to sign up for your volunteer program? What about growing your newsletter subscribers list? You’ll want to check out PopUp Maker. This plugin allows you to create custom responsive popups for whatever you may need. It even includes conditions so that you can target users with specific criteria such as length of time on page.

So there you have it, our top 10! If you have any questions about plugins or WordPress in general feel free to reach out to us at Elevation. We love talking nonprofit web design and development.

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