The Times They Are a-Social: Part 2

Last time, I made the case that the social media revolution – inaugurated just over a decade ago with Myspace and Facebook, and seen more recently with services like Whatsapp and Snapchat – has fundamentally changed our world.

If this restructuring of the way our society communicates leaves you feeling overwhelmed or even scared, you’re not alone. But as I said before, I’m convinced this shift actually represents a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits just like yours. Here’s what I mean.

If you’re honest, it’s probably difficult for you to imagine promoting your charity without the help of tools like Twitter and Facebook. But while these and other social media platforms are ubiquitous and continually evolving, many of the current CRMs used by nonprofits were designed for a pre-social media world. At best, they have some updates, patches, and plugins. But increasingly they are acting like fish out of water.

A modern CRM, on the other hand, is fully integrated with social. After all, that’s where people are and it’s how they choose to connect with each other. And the good news for charities like yours is that it’s easier than ever to gather social data, without having to spend hours manually culling your social media connections for insights. This means you have the ability to glean some really helpful insights about your givers. Those insights include these kinds of things:

  • Occupation and co-workers
  • Interests and passions
  • Friends and social connections
  • Other organizations and networks relevant to your cause
  • How supporters are related and connected to one another

The best tools don’t simply depend on data within their respective systems – they look at the entire universe of available data to create insights and cultivate networks of givers. Dynamically leveraging social media and other online sources can help charities create personal connections at scale like never before.

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