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3 Tips for More Responsive Donor Relationships

There are so many reasons to build better relationships with your donors. Reasons like: Reversing the truly discouraging rates of donor retention we see across the sector Honoring generosity at

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It’s More Than A Technology Decision

How do you navigate selecting a future CRM? Your donors are living in an ever-changing world, and so is your nonprofit. Organizations must adapt and innovate into the future to

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Mapping Your Donor’s Journey

Imagine you’re about to go on a hike. You’re heading into the wilderness, finding a mountain, and going to the top!  That plot twist is that you’re completely unprepared: no

Dear Fundraiser: You’ve Done So Much

Dear Fundraiser, Take a moment to pause and recognize how far you have come. In the last year, you displayed a superhuman ability to navigate a global pandemic, provided empathy

Using Donation Pages to Connect, Not Transact

Struggling to boost your donation pages’ conversion rates? Motivating more donors to give a gift on your donation page might be as simple as changing your approach. In online fundraising,