Last fall, we discussed how Virtuous is re-imagining generosity.  The old story of philanthropy centered around a time when donors were approached as distant benefactors who looked to nonprofits to get the dirty work done on their dime. Donors presumably gave out of duty, not passion.

The rise of transactional-focused donor management systems only extended the treatment of charity as a cold and disconnected experience. But here’s the thing: the old story of philanthropy has been debunked. Now, more than ever, philanthropy must lead with its heart. It’s time for nonprofits to catch up with modern giving culture by updating their technology accordingly.

A few months ago, I told you about the Virtuous worldview. We believe that everyone is a giver, whether it is a financial contribution or the giving of time, talent, social capital or concern. Tax deduction isn’t what leads to most donations. Modern philanthropy and volunteerism is often sparked or influenced by family, friends and community, which leads to deeply personal relationships being formed with charities. Relationships, not financial transactions, being the key term here. Connectedness – to people, communities and causes – is what determines the level of donations and volunteerism a nonprofit or project is likely to receive from us.

As the new story of generosity takes hold, nonprofits are clamoring to move past their outdated software and find a solution that introduces data-driven, relationship intelligence and tools that are easy-to-use for everyone at their organization.

At Virtuous, we’re setting out to fundamentally change how nonprofits interact with their givers. We envision a world where nonprofits are able to focus on the relationships that are so critical to the success of their mission. Our friends at Access Ventures agree with our mission and vision, and that’s why they just led a $1.5M funding round for Virtuous, bringing our total raised to $2.2M since 2015. This capital will be used to launch key new relationship automation features and increase our marketing and sales efforts, and much more for partners like you.

Here is how our latest funding round will improve service to your organization:

  • New automation tools: Innovative nonprofits are looking for new ways to build personal relationships with ALL of their donors… not just their top 100. We’re launching marketing automation tools specifically designed for fundraising. When nonprofits are able to personalize communications with each and every donor, they can begin to dramatically increase generosity.
  • Expanded features: We’re expanding our predictive data analytics and social scoring features to provide actionable insights on each donor. Our goal is to provide charities with a path to predictable, measurable increases in support.
  • A CRM that mirrors modern giving culture: Virtuous is fundamentally changing the nonprofit CRM space to help organizations connect with their givers in a more meaningful way and raise more support to accomplish their mission.
  • Focus on customer success: Our new funding round allows us to expand our Customer Success Team. Our amazing team of Coaches help us ensure that charities are able to leverage leading-edge best practices and maximize ROI on their Virtuous purchase.

We’d love to show you how Virtuous can help you accelerate growth and accomplish more in your community with our data-driven software. Schedule a demo with our team.

Gabe Cooper is the Founder and President of Virtuous Software. He’s passionate about technology and empowering nonprofits to succeed.

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