Product Updates: Virtuous Upgrades to Get Excited About

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned this year, the space in which you spend your day is incredibly important. Whether it’s your work space or your home, the way it looks and how it supports your daily habits is essential. It’s with that in mind that we made a few important upgrades to the Virtuous platform in May. Take a look at the newest product upgrades we made for our customers. 

Updated Overview Tab for a Better User Experience

Your nonprofit CRM should be a tool you enjoy digging into, not a necessary evil you put up with. That’s why we’re constantly improving the experience of our platform for our customers. This month, that meant an upgrade to the Contact screen Overview Tab. 

While the change is an upgrade to the look of the page, the motivation has much more to do with the way our customers were using the page. We moved the Contact data to the left of your screen in collapsable boxes. Details like Tags, Relationships, and Email Lists are in smaller panes that can be opened and closed when you need them. We wanted to give our customers more control of what they see at a glance and how they organize information. The easier it is to get the information you need, the faster you can suggest the next best action for your donors at scale. 

One other important upgrade to the Overview Tab came in the activity feed. We added filters so that you can focus on activities that are most important to you right now. Choose to see Giving, Communications, Website, Team Activity and more. With complete control of the information you see, our hope is that your fundraising strategies will be more efficient and effective. 

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Effective Fundraising Relies on Data, And the More Data, the Better

Effective fundraising is built on a foundation of good data. Everything from basic donor segmentation to dynamic responsive fundraising campaigns rely on accurate, up-to-date donor signals. Here are the important updates we made in order to give you the most reliable donor data to date. 

Introducing the New Data Health Center

The modern donor is on the move. They will change their jobs, careers, locations and interests more than any previous generation. As such, your nonprofit CRM needs to be able to easily keep up with their evolution as individuals. That’s why we created the new Data Health Tools. Beyond merging duplicate contact records, you can also use this tool to review and correct outdated or incorrect addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. We also added the ability to import addresses in bulk t update values. 

More importantly, now our customers have the option to request a NCOA update. If you need to find an up-to-date address of any of your contacts, this tool will help you find what you need. Our customers are finding this function incredibly helpful before any big mailing to ensure every donor who needs the information gets it on time. 

Real Time Gift data

Single-day fundraising pushes are an exciting time for both your donors and your team. Deciding on a goal and working relentlessly to achieve it brings the community together in a meaningful way. To help keep the excitement alive, and make it easier to respond to donor signals on any given day, our team released a Real Time Giving Report for our customers. 

In the report, customers can see all gifts, pledges and recurring gifts, including those that have not yet been imported over the last 12 hours. The report includes hour-by-hour breakdown of gifts and allows you to view current progress for a specific campaign. Customers find it valuable to see what is working and what donors aren’t responding to, in order to optimize campaigns during those crucial last hours. 

New Custom Field Function for Better Personalization

Personalization is critical for the success of your fundraising campaigns. If donors feel like just another ATM to your organization, they’re not going to feel inspired to donate. But simply knowing information about your donors is not enough to make personalization effective. You must know the right message at the right time in the right way. To help make this process easier for your team, we upgraded our Custom Fields. 

Now you can group information together so that each person can understand the context of the fields. For example, if you have a survey around the kinds of volunteer work a donor prefers to do, you can group that information together to understand each donor at a glance. 

The hope is that our customers will get even more information about their donors at a glance in order to make fundraising decisions easier. 

See The Other Features that Virtuous Customers Enjoy in a Demo

If you’re interested in seeing the full product suite available to Virtuous customers, schedule a demo with one of our team members today. New updates are available on a regular basis, so that as your nonprofit evolves, so do the tools you need to reach your new goals. See the difference Virtuous can make for your team by scheduling a demo today. 

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