Five Features Agencies Need out of a Nonprofit CRM

At Virtuous, we’re all about helping charities raise more money and do more good. This means valuing all of the people involved in the fundraising process from start to finish. We recognize that agency partners are crucial to any charity’s success, and as a result, we’re committed to helping agencies better serve their nonprofit customers.

The best way we know to do this is to make sure agencies have access to a best-in-industry nonprofit CRM. We took an inventory of the key features agencies would want out of their dream CRM, and we made those features some of our top priorities.

Here are the top five features agencies told us they wanted in a nonprofit CRM software solution – features that have been built into our DNA.

  1. Easy to Import and Export Data. Agencies need quick, easy access to a full set of organizational data, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able get it. Getting access to the data you need shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. Instead, you should be able to extract giver data, financial data, tags, campaign data, preferences, and more based on any number of search criteria – and it should be painless. You should also have access to pre-rolled, pre-summarized giving data based on recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM), year-over-year performance, and other common metrics. And, in some cases, you should have the ability to do complex direct marketing data segmentation directly within the CRM itself.
  2. Agency Friendly Login Whenever, Wherever. Your agency should be able to log in to the charity’s donor management system anytime and anywhere, without the charity or your agency incurring any additional expense. Further, your user account should be tailored to the needs of the agency with access to the reports, searching and campaign data you need the most.
  3. Custom Models and Reports. Many agencies leverage their own custom data models and data appends in order to add value to the fundraising process. They also provide custom reporting to help charities focus on the data they need to make informed decisions. The best donor management systems work with agencies to make sure custom, branded reports and data models can be easily included and featured directly within the CRM itself.
  4. More Than Just Financial Data. The best agencies help charities reach donors in a holistic way, with strategies that integrate programs, fundraising, volunteerism, brand story, content marketing, social media, and more. To do so, these agencies rely on donor management systems to collect more than just basic giving data. They need a whole lot more data – social media activity, public web activity, key donor relationships, and volunteerism – in order to provide a broad set of insights that will help their charities take the next step.
  5. Integration with Outside Tools. Agencies should have the freedom to introduce best-in-class tools to their customers for a whole range of needs, including fundraising, email marketing and social media management. Being handcuffed to the legacy tools currently being used by the nonprofit is a great way to kill forward momentum. A donor management system that takes seriously the needs of agencies will provide easy integration with other popular platforms. It will also provide open APIs, allowing agencies to expand their integrated marketing efforts as far as their imaginations will allow.

Virtuous has been designed with the needs of agencies in mind, because it takes all of us working together to raise money and do good. If you’re looking for a nonprofit CRM that works for you, we invite you to partner with us.

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