Author: Stephen Boudreau

Saving Thousands of Dollars…To Save More Teens

A conversation with Adam Gregston, Director of Development & Strategy of Heartlight Ministries. Online transaction fees. Hidden behind a shroud of Internet technology, not many nonprofit leaders know enough about

Premiums and Online Giving

The holidays are coming, so let’s talk about gifts. Should you offer a thank you gift or “premium” in exchange for an online gift? Find out here. Whether or not

Avoid Abandoned Online Gifts

Online fundraising depends on several things, but few things are as important as building trust. That’s why branding your donation pages is a must. Here’s how to do it. At

Digital Fundraising Post-COVID-19

For many years there has been a divide in the way we do fundraising online vs. offline. Development departments spend significant time in getting to know their donors, building relationships