Amplify Your Impact: Transforming Volunteers into Ambassadors

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Today’s volunteer is very different, they need to feel connected not just to the nonprofit they donate their time to, but to the organization’s purpose and ultimate impact.

The New York Times said it best about what today’s donor or volunteer expects and what motivates them to heavily invest in promoting a cause to their social network. Today’s donor or volunteer expects “sophisticated storytelling and technical savvy from their charitable organizations. [They] will not only give money, but will also volunteer and lend the force of their own social networks to a cause they believe in.”

We’re excited to partner with MobileServe to present a new way of thinking about volunteerism. MobileServe’s mission is to is to use technology to connect people to purpose by making the service experience as seamless as possible for all parties and they are transforming volunteers into ambassadors!

Every nonprofit who relies on the help of volunteers can benefit from thinking about the volunteer experience differently and leveraging intentionally designed personal experiences to create ambassadors and amplify the reach and ultimately the impact of their cause. Join us for a very enlightening presentation on how to leverage technology to transform your volunteer experience!


  • How to leverage technology to turn volunteers into ambassadors for the causes they care about in their communities
  • How to design a personal volunteer experience that fits the lifestyle of volunteers and engages them in your purpose
  • How to remove barriers to connection between volunteers, their networks and the cause


  • Although this webinar has passed you can still watch it! Just submit the form on the right hand side and you’ll be sent to the webinar page.
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